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All the terms and conditions for the store.


You can join Gib  Shopping as a seller by creating a Vendor account now! 

Customize your store with custom CSS/HTML , or simply add some videos, banners & store info + much more! 

If you need this done for you, we can do so for you by linking your current store. Isn't that great!

These are only some of the features!! 

Register now, and view our Step-by-Step seller Video guide & Tutorial where you will be selling your products in no time!

    • No hosting fees, no listing fees.* Just you, your shop, your buyers & your sales! 

  • Sell your products from your store with Simultaneous Stock Synchronization - Inventory Scanner - Bulk Product Import by .csv

    • Link your existing store which we will synchronize with gib.shopping. We can also help you sync your physical shop too.  
    • Automated Sale Analytics & easy to use Dashboard.

  • Sellers have a complete dashboard for their respective statistics.    
  • Assign Staff Management & User Roles - Sell Physical, Digital Goods & Services - 

    • Products & Image support - Simple User Interface - Custom Shipping Methods

  • Multiple Payment Methods - Mobile Responsive 
  • Customers can rate or review respective Sellers.

    • Sellers can create their very own product collection.
    • Each and every seller has their unique micro site profile. Great for those with poor or no online presence. 

  • Sellers can separately manage shipping and taxes from their end (should Brexit give us a VAT surprise).

Get more audience, reach more buyers! Lets save Xmas - Let's keep it local! Let's beat COVID-19!


Gib.shopping is currently FREE of sale fees for a limited time only, in the run up to this year’s Covid Xmas. We wish you all the best of luck during these difficult times.

Gib.shopping is an Amazon type search platform for Gibraltar businesses ONLY!

By Registering your business on Gib.shopping your uploaded products will appear listed with those of other local businesses. Customer searches will be matched with only locally supplied products. When local or visiting shoppers search online, what they tend to find are eBay and Amazon listings. Whilst having your own website is still OK, not being on Gib.shopping will mean that a customer is less likely to see your offering unless they visit your website directly. Visiting every website directly is as tedious as walking into every shop and asking if they stock a specific item.

Gib.shopping will also predispose travelling visitors to spend in Gibraltar or arrive having already made a purchase or two. 

Delivery providers can collect purchased goods and deliver them to the Cruise Liner or Air Terminal for visitors we would never see step anywhere near your premises. 

Gib.shopping can also integrate a Point of Sale (POS) system so that your online stock is updated even if an item has been sold in store & will synchronize with your existing online store too!

To Register your business you will need your Gibraltar Business Licence & Proof of address. This will prevent unlicensed sellers from listing items as well as sellers from outside of Gibraltar.



*Most businesses may not have tens of thousands of products to list whilst others may. Gib.shopping may add a 'free' listing cap in the future, but you will be notified of this. We can only foresee doing so in the future should some retailers not remove out of stock and dead items which would be detrimental to the search function.